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Financial Dashboard Excel Overview

Our KPI Template spreadsheet is the secret tool that will help turn you into a CFO. Instantly assess and oversee your company's growth, vis-a-vis its past monthly performance and growth trends, with our financial dashboards. We know you are busy, with never-ending to-do lists: so we have made 3 KPI dashboards that will make your job even easier:

1. Financial Efficiency Metrics Dashboard – our most in-demand dashboard. Have all the essential KPIs that measure the life and efficiency of your business, such as Revenue, Cash Conversion Cycle and Budget versus Actuals analysis of Income Statement
2. Liquidity Metrics Dashboard – financial dashboard with liquidity-tracking KPIs such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Turnover and Current Ratio at your fingertips, instantly.
3. Profitability Metrics Dashboard – monitor your business' core profitability indicators, such as Gross Margin and Net Profit.

There's no doubt that your top priorities as a new entrepreneur include generating profits and running your business efficiently. To achieve this, though, requires many steps, and to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of each decision necessitates constant monitoring of your key financial indicators.

We at Excel Dashboards have been where you are, and we understand you! So, we have developed this KPI template spreadsheet, which visually facilitates your evaluating efficiency, profitability, and liquidity ratios in an instant with our financial dashboard features.

Financial Dashboard Available Visualisations


Monitor liquidity with our financial dashboard

The liquidity KPI dashboard is one of our key finance dashboards. It summarizes days account receivables and days payables turnover per month, and your working capital so you always know your business' liquidity position

Excel KPI Dashboard Templates Financial Liquidity

Free Preview Available! Financial Dashboard PDF Demo

Compare projected vs actual revenues, and analyze them in-depth

Our financial efficiency dashboard summarizes a business' cash conversion cycle

The Cash Conversion Cycle calculation is a financial efficiency metric, measuring the effectivity of a company in managing its working capital. It is derived from the time needed to convert cash into inventory and accounts payable, then through sales and accounts receivable, then back into cash. Find this as one of the core financial KPIs on our dashboard.

Dashboard KPI Excel Template Financial Efficiency Cash Conversion Cycle And Revenue

Track your changes in working capital over the last twelve months

Find a summarized selection of KPIs in the financial dashboard template

Our KPI Template summarizes your company's key profitability ratios, such as gross margin, net profit, return on equity. As business owners, you need to see and assess your company's earning generations and how efficiently these profits are managed. We have made this dashboard with this need in mind.

Finance KPIs Dashboard Financial Profitability

Free Preview Available! Financial Dashboard PDF Demo

Track your assets and liabilities

Revenue: month-to-month and year-to-year

Our Financial Dashboard tracks revenues over time, month-to-month and year-on-year, and shows you the efficiency of its use

Financial Dashboard Excel Template Efficiency revenue

Make quick but informed decisions

Variance Analysis: Budget vs Actual

Variance analysis allows analysts to track the precise changes. Do so with your budget vs actual spending with our dashboard

Financial Dashboard Excel Template Efficiency Budget Variance

Navigate profitability changes, such as in margins and net profit

Track Liquidity Ratios: current ratio and cash conversion cycle

With our financial dashboard, see the progression of your cash conversion cycle and current ratio over time, and how your company's liquidity position changes

Excel KPI Dashboard Templates Financial Liquidity

Calculate your Return on Equity (ROE)

Profitability Ratios: gross margin ratio, net profit and return on equity (ROE)

A company's profitability ratios are the quick litmus tests to examine how well it is converting sales into lasting profits. The gross margin is a company's net sales minus its cost of goods sold (COGS). The gross margin ratio is the gross margin as a percent of net sales, in essence a profitability metric. Tracking your gross margin ratio will inform you about how much of your top-line profits you will be able to retain to cover your general and administrative costs, the cost of any debts, and to keep some bottom-line profit. A company's net profit is the last line of earnings, after all expenses and taxes. The net profit margin shows how much net income is generated as a percentage of revenue, and how much of each dollar in revenue turns into profit.

Finance KPIs Dashboard Financial Profitability

Free Preview Available! Financial Dashboard PDF Demo

Examine your business' liquidity position

Input Tab for KPI Template

Enter all your company's inputs to this tab, to calculate the core financial KPIs. We know you are busy, so all you need to do is fill in the indicated lines with data and the KPIs will calculate automatically

Financial Dashboard Actuals

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