Excel Tutorial: How To Paste Excel Table Into Google Slides


Pasting an Excel table into Google Slides can be a crucial skill, especially if you want to present data or information in a clear and organized manner. This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps to seamlessly transfer your Excel data into a Google Slide presentation.

A. Importance of pasting Excel tables into Google Slides

When presenting information, it's essential to have a visually appealing and easily understandable format. By pasting Excel tables into Google Slides, you can maintain the formatting and structure of your data, making it easier for your audience to comprehend and analyze.

B. Brief overview of the steps to be covered in the tutorial

In this tutorial, we will cover how to copy the Excel table, paste it into Google Slides, and adjust the size and formatting for a seamless presentation. These simple steps will allow you to effectively integrate your Excel data into your Google Slide deck.

Key Takeaways

  • Pasting Excel tables into Google Slides can help maintain formatting and structure for a visually appealing presentation.
  • Copying the Excel table and pasting it into Google Slides is a simple process that can be easily mastered.
  • Removing blank rows and adjusting formatting are important steps to ensure the table fits well and is visually clear.
  • Saving and practicing the presentation is crucial to ensure the table appears correctly and the overall presentation is polished.
  • Regular practice and experimentation with pasting Excel tables into Google Slides can lead to mastery of the skill and improved presentations.

Step 1: Copy the Excel table

To paste an Excel table into Google Slides, you first need to copy the table from the Excel file.

A. Open the Excel file containing the table

Begin by opening the Excel file that contains the table you want to copy.

B. Select the entire table by clicking and dragging over it

Once the file is open, click and drag your mouse over the entire table to select it.

C. Right-click on the selected table and choose "Copy" from the menu

After the table is selected, right-click on it and choose "Copy" from the menu that appears.

Now that you have successfully copied the Excel table, you are ready to paste it into your Google Slides presentation.

Step 2: Paste the table into Google Slides

A. Open the Google Slides presentation where you want to paste the table

B. Click on the slide where you want the table to appear

C. Right-click on the slide and choose "Paste" from the menu

Step 3: Remove blank rows

After pasting your Excel table into Google Slides, it’s important to ensure that the table is clean and free of any unnecessary blank rows. Here’s how you can remove them:

A. Click on the pasted table in Google Slides

Locate the pasted Excel table within your Google Slide and click on it to select the entire table.

B. Look for any blank rows within the table

Scan through the table to identify any blank rows that need to be removed.

C. Right-click on the blank row and choose "Delete row" from the menu

Once you have identified a blank row, right-click on it to bring up a menu and then select “Delete row” to remove the blank row from the table.

Step 4: Adjust formatting

After pasting the Excel table into your Google Slides, you may need to adjust the formatting to ensure it looks professional and is easy to read for your audience. Here are a few key adjustments you can make:

A. Resize the table to fit the slide if necessary

If the table appears too large or small for the slide, you can easily resize it by clicking and dragging the corners of the table. Alternatively, you can click on the table and use the "Resize" tool in the toolbar to adjust the dimensions to your liking.

B. Change the font or cell colors if desired

To make the table more visually appealing, you can customize the font style, size, and color within the table. You can also change the background color of specific cells to highlight important data or create a more visually appealing layout.

C. Ensure the text is visible and clear for the audience

It's important to ensure that the text within the table is visible and clear for your audience. If the default font size is too small, consider increasing it to improve readability. Additionally, you can adjust the text alignment within cells to make the content more organized and easy to follow.

Step 5: Save and present

After pasting the Excel table into your Google Slides presentation, it’s important to save your work and practice presenting the slides to ensure everything appears correctly.

A. Save the changes made to the Google Slides presentation
  • Click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of the Google Slides interface.
  • Select “Save” to ensure that your changes are saved to the presentation.
  • Consider creating a backup of your presentation in case of any technical issues.

B. Practice presenting the slides to ensure the table appears correctly
  • Run through the entire presentation to verify that the Excel table pasted into the slides appears as intended.
  • Check for any formatting issues or discrepancies between the original Excel table and how it appears in the presentation.
  • Ensure that the data in the table is legible and that any borders or shading are displaying properly.

C. Make any final adjustments before presenting to an audience
  • Review the entire presentation to identify any potential areas for improvement or refinement.
  • Make any necessary tweaks to the Excel table or the surrounding content to enhance the overall visual appeal and clarity of the presentation.
  • Consider seeking feedback from colleagues or peers to ensure that the presentation is polished and professional.


In conclusion, we have covered the step-by-step process of pasting an Excel table into Google Slides:

  • Copy the desired table from Excel
  • Go to the Google Slide where you want to paste the table
  • Click on the area where you want to paste the table and press Ctrl + V to paste it

As with any new skill, practice makes perfect. I encourage you to experiment with pasting Excel tables into Google Slides to become comfortable with the process. The ability to integrate Excel tables into your presentation slides can greatly enhance the visual appeal and professionalism of your presentations. It can also save you time and effort in recreating tables from scratch. So, keep practicing and reap the benefits of this valuable skill in your future presentations.

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