Excel Tutorial: How To Clear A Table In Excel


Clearing a table in Excel is an essential skill for anyone working with data. Whether you're cleaning up old data or starting fresh with a new set of information, knowing how to clear a table can save you time and help ensure accuracy in your work. In this tutorial, we'll provide you with a brief overview of the steps to clear a table in Excel, so you can keep your data organized and tidy.

Key Takeaways

  • Clearing a table in Excel is essential for data organization and accuracy
  • Open the Excel file and navigate to the specific sheet containing the table
  • Select the entire table and delete it, then remove any blank rows
  • Verify that the table is cleared and no blank rows remain within the sheet
  • Practicing these steps in Excel will help improve proficiency

Step 1: Open the Excel file

To clear a table in Excel, you first need to open the Excel file containing the table you want to clear. Follow these sub-steps:

A. Ensure the Excel file containing the table is opened

Locate the Excel file on your computer and double-click to open it in the Excel application.

B. Navigate to the specific sheet containing the table

If your Excel file contains multiple sheets, navigate to the specific sheet where the table is located. Click on the sheet tab at the bottom of the Excel window to switch between sheets.

Step 2: Select the table

After opening your Excel spreadsheet, the next step is to select the table that you want to clear. This can be done by following these sub-points:

A. Click and drag to select the entire table

To select the entire table, place your cursor on the top-left cell of the table, click, and then drag the cursor to the bottom-right cell of the table. This action will highlight the entire table, indicating that it has been selected.

B. Make sure all cells within the table are highlighted

After clicking and dragging to select the table, it’s important to double-check that all cells within the table are highlighted. This ensures that no data is left behind when the table is cleared.

Step 3: Delete the table

Once you have finished working with your table and need to clear it, you can easily delete it from your Excel spreadsheet by following these simple steps:

A. Right-click within the selected table

First, place your cursor anywhere inside the table that you want to delete. This will ensure that the entire table is selected and ready for deletion.

B. Click on the "Delete" option from the context menu

After right-clicking within the table, a context menu will appear. From the options provided, click on the "Delete" option to proceed with removing the table.

C. Choose "Table Rows" to remove the rows

Once you have selected the "Delete" option, a sub-menu will appear. From this sub-menu, choose the "Table Rows" option to delete the entire table and all of its associated rows.

Step 4: Remove blank rows

When working with a table in Excel, you may come across blank rows that need to be removed. Follow these steps to clear the table of any blank rows:

A. Select the entire sheet

  • B. Click on the "Home" tab
  • C. Click on "Find & Select" and choose "Go To Special"
  • D. Select "Blanks" and click "OK"
  • E. Right-click and choose "Delete" from the context menu

Step 5: Verify the table is cleared

Once you have cleared the table in Excel, it’s important to make sure that the process was successful. Here are a few steps to verify that the table is indeed cleared:

A. Check that all data within the table is removed
  • One way to do this is to visually inspect the table to ensure that there are no longer any values present.
  • You can also use the “Find” function to search for any remaining data within the table.

B. Ensure there are no blank rows remaining within the sheet
  • Check for any blank rows that may have been inadvertently left behind after clearing the table.
  • Delete any remaining blank rows to ensure a clean and organized spreadsheet.


Clearing a table in Excel is an important skill to learn in order to keep your data organized and up to date. By removing old or unnecessary data, you can ensure the accuracy and relevance of your spreadsheets. To clear a table in Excel, simply select the table, go to the Table Tools Design tab, and click on the "Clear" button. Then, choose whether to clear the table, the formatting, or both. It's quick and easy to do, and practicing these steps will help you become more proficient in using Excel for your data management needs.

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